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The Art and Science of Creating Beautiful Skin

Everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their skin. We are a leading medical spa in Beverly Hills that focuses on providing the latest, most proven treatment options that enhance both the health and beauty of your skin. We offer a number of non-surgical solutions to address a wide variety of skin concerns. Whether you want to effectively treat your acne, restore hair loss or regain the smooth, vibrant skin of your youth, we can help you using a careful balance of art and science.

To ensure you attain the ideal results you need under the comfortable care you deserve, our Beverly Hills clinic proudly invests in the most advanced technology and products available. When it comes to restoring your skin health or improving its appearance, you can trust our skilled aestheticians for pampered, state-of-the-art care and exceptional results.

What does your skin need to look and feel rejuvenated? Start by scheduling your complimentary skin evaluation at Aesthetic Institute in Beverly Hills. Our extensive menu of services includes relaxing skin treatments, facial injectables, laser and light therapy as well as custom product recommendations through Skin Type Solutions.

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Micro-Needling: Professional vs. At-Home

Micro-needling is a comfortable and effective way to help your body produce new collagen and elastin in areas across your face. Whether it’s fine lines near your eyes, deeper creases in your forehead, or wrinkles around your mouth, micro-needling can be used independently or in conjunction with PRP treatments and other aesthetic procedures. But micro-needling […]

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What are Bunny Lines and How can Botox Help?

Like most wrinkles that develop across our face over time, bunny lines are a common concern for those of us who want to put our best face forward. These particular creases tend to form on each side of your upper nose, sometimes extending over the bridge. If you’re scrunching up your face, smiling enthusiastically, or […]

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Lip Augmentation Tips for a Natural, Beautiful Appearance

Plump, full lips add youth and vitality to your facial profile that no makeup or lip color can match. For some of us, thinning lips are a concern as we age or a trait that we inherited from our parents. Even if you have a tendency to smile often, the lack of volume can almost […]

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