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6 Popular Myths About Botox®

Botox injection Beverly Hills, CA.

When people in Beverly Hills hear the word “Botox®,” a few common misconceptions may come to mind.

Botox® is Dangerous.
It’s only dangerous if administered by someone who isn’t a properly trained professional.
Botox® is Painful.
Not really, actually. Botox® injections use ultra-fine needles so that you’d only feel a slight pinch. There’s very little solution going into your skin, so you don’t experience any burning or swelling. It’s all over in a moment, anyway.
Botox® is Only for Women.
A growing number of men are interested in Botox® for helping them look more relaxed and charming. It’s not the same things as having “serious” plastic work done. A few small injections can help both men and women feel better about their appearance.
Botox® will Give You a Fake Plastic Face.
Here again, having the right doctor administer Botox® makes all the difference. When carefully applied, Botox® won’t make you look “worked on.” Keep in mind, too, that Botox® injections are muscle relaxers – they release tension in tight muscles responsible for creating wrinkles. After Botox®, you’ll still be able to move your face and express emotion.

You’ll still look like yourself, just more relaxed and youthful.

If You Stop Botox®, Your Wrinkles Will be Worse Than They Were Before.
Botox® is a muscle-relaxant. Once the effects wear off, your muscles will tighten up to their original position and create the same appearance that was there prior.
Botox® is Just a Cosmetic Procedure.
In addition to reducing wrinkle-appearance, Botox® also has medical applications in things like easing TMJ pain, migraines, and blocking overactive sweat glands.

To learn more about the benefits of Botox®, schedule a consultation at Kami Parsa, MD.

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