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Lip Augmentation Tips for a Natural, Beautiful Appearance

Beverly Hills CA Plastic Surgeon for Lip Enhancement

Plump, full lips add youth and vitality to your facial profile that no makeup or lip color can match. For some of us, thinning lips are a concern as we age or a trait that we inherited from our parents. Even if you have a tendency to smile often, the lack of volume can almost […]

Baggy Eyes? Treat “Tear Troughs” in Beverly Hills

Blue eye with beautiful eyelashes Beverly Hills, CA.

Loss of volume in the face can cause the lower orbital bones (just above your cheeks and below your lower eyelids) to appear more pronounced. This anatomical characteristic makes the area between your eye and lower orbit bones to look sunken-in, creating a trough like appearance around your most noticeable accessory: your eyes. Tear troughs […]

A Cosmetic Injectable that Helps with Headaches?

Beverly Hills CA Plastic Surgeon That Offers Botox

More than likely, you’ve heard about all of the great benefits of Botox injectables for cosmetic issues such as fine lines, creasing, and wrinkles. But did you know that it is also effective for managing the symptoms of frequent headaches and some migraines? Relieve Headaches and Migraines  Botox is a natural muscle relaxant. When injected […]

What is Laser Resurfacing?

Beverly Hills CA Laser Therapy for Skin

Light technology allows us to harness the power of skin-safe lasers to treat a large number of skin issues. One such example is CO2 laser resurfacing, also known as a “laser peel.” Because lasers are ideal for delicate skin areas, we can treat various surfaces around the face, including the eyes. During a laser resurfacing […]

Marionette Lines: What are They?

Beverly Hills CA Plastic Surgeon Offering Facial Fillers

As a child, you loved watching the scene from The Sound of Music where the children sang and danced with marionettes from their own private puppet stage. Now that you’re an adult, you’re starting to see marionette lines of your own…not on the TV, but in the mirror. Puppet Lines Marionette lines are called just […]

Do Lasers Really Reduce Fine Lines on My Face?

Beverly Hills CA Medical Spa

These days, it seems like you hear about lasers treating just about anything. The truth is, they really work. At The Aesthetic Institute, we maximize the efficacy and minimally advanced benefits of lasers by using them to treat fine facial lines and wrinkles. How Do Laser Wrinkle Treatments Work? Lasers make your skin look fuller […]

How Botox Can Reduce Excessive Sweating

Beverly Hills CA Plastic Surgeon Offering Botox

If you struggle with embarrassing sweating or sweat marks on your clothing, you’ve probably tried every antiperspirant and fabric blend possible to minimize the visible side effects of excessive perspiration. But have you tried Botox? It turns out, that this common aesthetic drug is also effective in treating overactive sweat glands. Six Months Sweat Free […]

Jawline Fillers: A Non-Surgical Way to Add Facial Definition

When most people think about dermal fillers, they usually consider treating areas like deep creases, lines, and loss of fullness across their face. But one way to reverse the signs of aging and collagen loss is to add fullness to your facial profile, with the use of jawline fillers. What is a Jawline Filler? Like […]

Revive Your Look With Three Easy Peels

Beverly Hills CA Medical Spa

Have you noticed that your skin looks dull, lifeless, or patchy? Maybe your fine lines are getting a little worse every day. Perhaps it’s time for a peel to bring a youthful glow back to your face. Here are three you should consider having at the Aesthetic Institute to give you a warm, radiant look. […]

Put Your Best Back Forward

Your back is the hardest to reach place on your body, which also makes it the hardest to clean. A loofah or pouf on a long handle might help you scrub and exfoliate back skin, but it may also be leaving behind bacteria and soap. If your back is itchy, dry, and blemished, maybe it’s […]


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