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All About Lip Fillers

Beverly Hills CA Plastic Surgeon for Lip Enhancement

Many people envy the facial aesthetics of models or actresses, especially those with big, full lips. As people age, lips tend to thin, fade, and lose elasticity. In order to achieve a fuller look, people are turning to The Aesthetic Institute in Beverly Hills for quick, affordable lip filler treatments. A lip filler is a […]

Double Chin? Here’s How to Get It Under Control

Beverly Hills CA Medical Spa

A double chin may be caused by a variety of reasons ranging from genetics to age. And you don’t have to be an old woman to get saggy skin beneath your chin – your skin begins losing collagen and elasticity as early as age 20. So if you have a double chin, you’re certainly not […]

Fill in Your Chin Dimples with Botox®

Beverly Hills CA Medical Spa near me

Chin dimples are caused by hyperactive muscles, often causing the chin to resemble an orange peel with its rough, uneven tone. The appearance of acne scars on the chin area can exacerbate this appearance, creating an aesthetic concern for many people. The chin is a prominent feature of the face. It draws the eye down […]

6 Popular Myths About Botox®

Botox injection Beverly Hills, CA.

When people in Beverly Hills hear the word “Botox®,” a few common misconceptions may come to mind. Botox® is Dangerous. It’s only dangerous if administered by someone who isn’t a properly trained professional. Botox® is Painful. Not really, actually. Botox® injections use ultra-fine needles so that you’d only feel a slight pinch. There’s very little […]

Marionette Lines

Beverly Hills CA Doctor for Dermal Fillers

What do your facial expressions say about you? Are they truly saying what you want them to? Marionette lines are the creases in your skin that run down from the corners of your mouth. Often called “parentheses” around the mouth, these lines can give the impression of being sad or of frowning. As you age, […]

Is There Anything Wrong with Using Latisse™ Over-the-Counter?

Blue eye with beautiful eyelashes Beverly Hills, CA.

Latisse™ is a safe method for increasing the volume of eyelashes. It’s FDA-approved, meaning it does what it says it does – treat a deficiency of eyelash growth. Side-effects are few, rare, and not serious. But despite being a safe and effective eyelash treatment, Latisse™ is not something you should attempt on your own. You […]


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