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What are Bunny Lines and How can Botox Help?

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Like most wrinkles that develop across our face over time, bunny lines are a common concern for those of us who want to put our best face forward. These particular creases tend to form on each side of your upper nose, sometimes extending over the bridge.

If you’re scrunching up your face, smiling enthusiastically, or caught mid-laugh, you’ve probably noticed them.

Bunny lines earn the nickname because of the horizontal crease or they create extending on each side of the nose, like whiskers on a bunny.

Facial Injectables Offer a Straightforward Solution

As with treating other delicate areas of the face, Botox is ideal for reducing muscle tension and creases in the skin, including those pesky bunny lines.

When used properly, the muscle around your nose is relaxed, preventing the area from creasing up each time you smile. We can also combine Botox with dermal fillers, to add smoothness to sunken-in tissues that have been losing collagen with age.

You’ll see full results within a couple of weeks, and only need a touch up once or twice per year. Like other fine line treatments in our Beverly Hills practice, bunny line injectables are simple, straightforward, and give you the straightforward results that you’re looking for.

But if Botox isn’t applied carefully, some people see an increase in bunny lines on their face. That’s why it’s vital to see a specialist like the ones at The Aesthetic Institute to have your Botox treatment completed. As a double-board certified facial aesthetic provider, we have years of experience in hands-on treatments for bunny lines and other facial wrinkles.

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Posted on behalf of Kami Parsa M.D.


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