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Young woman after chin dimple treatment Beverly Hills, CA.

Botox Chin Dimple Treatment

Chin dimples are caused by hyperactive muscles. Although some people find chin dimples attractive, others see them as a blemish on an otherwise smooth face. Thankfully, the Aesthetic Institute has the facial injectable treatment for you through the use of Botox. Clinical aestheticians are skin care specialists who have expertise in treating a range of conditions using scientifically proven products and techniques. Your clinical aesthetician can target specific areas of your chin, resulting in a much fuller look.

This treatment also has a beneficial secondary effect. If you have acne scars near the area where the Botox is injected, you will notice that the scars become less noticeable. Treatment is carried out at the Aesthetic Institute Med Spa, which is fully staffed by aesthetic specialists.

Treatments in Comfort

The best way to receive any sort of skin treatment is in a comfortable and relaxed environment. At the Aesthetic Institute we take great pride in ensuring our patients are always at ease. You will find that our team is friendly but professional. We also promote providing education to our visitors, so if you have any questions or concerns you are more than welcome to ask one of the team.

When you visit the Aesthetic Institute for treatment, you are made to feel at home the second you walk through our doors. Our expert clinical aestheticians know how to help our patients choose the most suitable treatments for skin conditions and skin type. After speaking to your clinical aesthetician you will feel confident about whether a Botox chin dimple treatment is right for you.

Booking a consultation is easy. Simply contact us and the team member you speak to will arrange everything. We look forward to helping you achieve a smoother, full chin in no time at all.


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