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Have You Considered a Chemical Peel?

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The process of skin cell turnover slows down as people age. Once youthful looking skin begins to take on a tired and dull appearance. To combat this, many people choose a non-invasive cosmetic procedure called a chemical peel to help remove dead skin cells and restore the skin’s radiance.

Using a customized mixture of chemical solution that perfectly suits your skin and needs, one of the skilled clinical aestheticians at Aesthetic Institute will expertly apply the peel to remove the upper layer of affected skin. Chemical peels are offered in varying degrees of strength—light, medium, and deep—depending on needs and goals. Overall tone is enhanced and collagen production is boosted as a result of the 60 to 90-minute procedure. Several sessions are often needed to optimize the results.

Chemical peels are most often administered on the face, neck, hands, and back and are effective at treating discoloration, blemishes, sun damage, age spots, and wrinkles. Whether superficial or deep, a chemical peel will regenerate and smooth skin to varying degrees. Side effects are minimal and include redness, swelling, and light peeling, similar to a sunburn. In order to protect the results of your Aesthetic Institute chemical peel, proper care after treatment will be very important. To protect your new complexion and prevent complications:

  • Wash the area at least twice each day;
  • Moisture daily;
  • Wear SPF; and
  • Avoid the sun for two weeks.

Prior to the procedure, chemical peel recipients meet with a skin therapist to discuss the treatment and ask questions. The therapist will determine how concentrated the peel should be in order to meet the defined goals. We offer several chemical peel options to exfoliate dead skin cells in order to reveal a vibrant glow.

To learn more about high-end facials and chemical peels, contact the Aesthetic Institute today. We are passionate about anti-aging and facial rejuvenation. Let us know how we can help you meet your goals.

Posted on behalf of Kami Parsa M.D.



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