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What Skin Type Are You?

Woman Looking at Skin Type in the Mirror Beverly Hills CA

Have you ever gone to the drug store and stood in front of the facial care section, feeling overwhelmed at all the options available? What skin type are you? Something that sounds like it would have a simple answer can be difficult for you to determine on your own. Many people will just take a […]

Winterize Your Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Beverly Hills CA

Cooler temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin.  Cold weather and wind causes its moisture to evaporate and leaves it dry, chapped, flaky and itchy. Be prepared this season – start a winter skin care routine now. Moisturize Your Skin and Lips Apply an overnight hydrating face mask a few nights a week. Hyaluronic acid […]

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options for Women

Beautiful Hair Restoration Beverly Hills CA

As a female, it can be especially troubling to experience hair thinning and loss. Whether it’s a form of female alopecia or changing hormones, your hair loss has finally reached a point where you’re considering being fitted with a hair piece. Or, maybe you’re just now discovering thinning hair and looking for effective options that […]

Hand Rejuvenation Techniques

Person Massaging a Hand Beverly Hills. CA

One of the areas of our body that shows our true age and life experiences is our hands. While it’s common for us to spend time protecting our face, neck, and arms from excessive sun exposure and use moisturizes to keep skin healthy, the hands often go overlooked. Even when they don’t, the constant use […]

Treating “Nasolabial Fold” Lines on the Face

Facial Procedures Beverly Hills CA

Your mouth moves thousands of times a day. Between laughing at your co-worker’s jokes to talking on the phone in the evening with your son who is away at college, not to mention three meals (and some snacks thrown in there) your facial muscles are responsible for hundreds of different movements. It’s no surprise then, […]

Why You Should Get a Professional Opinion on Your Skincare Routine

Woman Caressing Her Face with Back of Her Hand

Everyone’s skin tone, texture, and surface is different. Some of us have dry, red skin while another person’s is oily. Each skin type needs something different to maintain a healthy level of hydration and balance throughout the day; and even then, those needs can change based on where you live (such as drier or more […]

Can I Get Rid of My Chin Dimple?

Beverly Hills CA Medical Spa near me

A dimpled chin is one that tends to get passed on throughout the generations. Some of us tend to be able to pull the look off better than others. For the rest of us, it becomes an aesthetic characteristic that we’re not very comfortable with. But is there something that can safely — and effectively […]

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration for Men

Hair Loss Beverly Hills CA

You’ve noticed your hairline starting to creep further back over the years; or perhaps it’s just starting to thin on top, leaving a noticeable density difference compared to the back or sides of your scalp. But you feel as young as ever, and you want your appearance to reflect your energy levels too. It’s time […]

Micro-Needling: Professional vs. At-Home

Woman Receiving Micro-needling treatnet in Beverly Hills CA

Micro-needling is a comfortable and effective way to help your body produce new collagen and elastin in areas across your face. Whether it’s fine lines near your eyes, deeper creases in your forehead, or wrinkles around your mouth, micro-needling can be used independently or in conjunction with PRP treatments and other aesthetic procedures. But micro-needling […]

What are Bunny Lines and How can Botox Help?

Botox injection Beverly Hills, CA.

Like most wrinkles that develop across our face over time, bunny lines are a common concern for those of us who want to put our best face forward. These particular creases tend to form on each side of your upper nose, sometimes extending over the bridge. If you’re scrunching up your face, smiling enthusiastically, or […]


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