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Close-up portrait. Marionette lines treatment Beverly Hills, CA.

Marionette Lines and Facial Fillers

When the volume of your face begins to decrease as you age, it usually results in wrinkles and creases in your skin. Marionette lines are one example of what happens when facial volume decreases. These lines run down from the corners of the mouth, giving the impression of sadness. You could be the happiest person in the world but marionette lines will betray your mood. Even when you smile, marionette lines can still make you look like you are unhappy.

Dermal fillers can greatly reduce the impact of marionette lines, making you look much younger and much happier. The treatment is carried out by a trained clinical aesthetician, who will use facial fillers to target the areas that are causing your marionette lines. A less qualified practitioner may target the wrong areas, which will not result in any positive improvements to your marionette lines.

Smile with Confidence

What does your smile say about you? A winning smile can break down barriers and help you in your social and working life. Body language accounts for 55% of non-verbal communication. That means before you even speak, your facial expressions are already telling a tale to those who are looking at you. When you have treatment using facial fillers to correct marionette lines, you are basically rewriting the story that your facial expressions are telling.

You will be amazed at how differently some people treat you after your facial filler treatment. A more confident smile can open doors to new opportunities. You will look and feel much more confident, which in turn will affect how others think about you.

If you are interested in facial fillers for marionette lines, the best people to speak to are the expert clinical aestheticians at the Aesthetic Institute. Our trained professionals can offer friendly advice on the best treatments for you. Contact us today and we can book your first consultation and treatment.


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