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Micro-Needling: Professional vs. At-Home

Woman Receiving Micro-needling treatnet in Beverly Hills CA

Micro-needling is a comfortable and effective way to help your body produce new collagen and elastin in areas across your face. Whether it’s fine lines near your eyes, deeper creases in your forehead, or wrinkles around your mouth, micro-needling can be used independently or in conjunction with PRP treatments and other aesthetic procedures.

But micro-needling isn’t the same with DIY home products as it is with a facial specialist like the ones at The Aesthetic Institute. In our Beverly Hills practice, all micro-needling procedures are performed by expert clinical aestheticians, to pinpoint problem areas and ensure maximum effectiveness of the application.

Beverly Hills Micro-Needling

Our experts have an up-close view and years of training, so we know exactly how much pressure to apply to see maximum results with minimal discomfort. Additionally, we have access to professional grade equipment that isn’t available for purchase online or over the counter. This provides better results, but if sensitivity is a concern we can apply a numbing gel before the start of your treatment.

Improper micro-needling at home can lead to problems such as hypo-pigmentation (white or blanched spots on your skin), pain, and possible infection. The micro-needling needles used in our practice are thoroughly sterilized, but at home, that’s not possible.

A home roller may also start to develop small bends or blunt tips in the needles, which can’t be detected. This can cause more harm and damage to your skin than good.

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The Aesthetic Institute offers a full menu of micro-needling treatments, as well as PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy. Call today to book your first appointment!

Posted on behalf of Kami Parsa M.D.


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