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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration for Men

Hair Loss Beverly Hills CA

You’ve noticed your hairline starting to creep further back over the years; or perhaps it’s just starting to thin on top, leaving a noticeable density difference compared to the back or sides of your scalp. But you feel as young as ever, and you want your appearance to reflect your energy levels too.

It’s time to talk to a specialist about restoring your hair loss. But one thing is for certain: you want to opt for a non-surgical option that won’t leave you taking extra time off of work or hiding under a ball cap.

What Option is Available if You Don’t Want Surgery?

One of the most popular non-surgical hair restoration treatments that we offer in our Beverly Hills practice is “PRP,” or platelet rich plasma therapy. By using your body’s own platelets and white blood cells, we can trigger new hair growth in areas where it’s starting to thin or already balding.

The concept is fairly simple. We take your own plasma (straight from your arm) then process it onsite and inject it right back into your body, where hair follicles form. The PRP stimulates the follicles to begin producing hair again; in fact, the hair is usually thicker and healthier than it was before it started to thin.

PRP isn’t just used for hair loss; it’s also common for athletics recovering from injuries, as well as in a variety of other medical fields. Our expert Beverly Hills aestheticians and hair restoration experts can help you enjoy a newfound confidence without the invasive techniques used in more traditional treatments.

Are you ready to discover the opportunities available for a fuller, thicker scalp? Schedule a consultation at The Aesthetic Institute in Beverly Hills today.

Posted on behalf of Kami Parsa M.D.


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