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PRP for Hair Restoration

PRP works by using enriched cells from a patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth in the scalp. Platelet rich plasma acts as the catalyst for stimulation, promoting natural hair growth. If the treatment is successful, there is no need for artificial hair implants – although using both treatments is also an option. This injectable treatment is based on evidence-based science, so patients typically see good results.

However, results are often dependant on the person who performs the treatment. If you want to see positive results it is recommended that you consult with a clinical aesthetician. With a trained professional who has experience with hair restoration using PRP treatment, you are much more likely to benefit from the treatment. The clinical aestheticians at the Aesthetic Institute are caring and professional, while also possessing the necessary skills and experience to ensure your treatment produces the results that you expect.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

There are a number of medical applications for platelet rich plasma. Essentially, platelet rich plasma is extracted from the patient’s blood and possesses a baseline that is higher than average. Platelet rich blood is, therefore, more likely to promote healing and normal production in many of the body’s major systems.

The ability of hair to grow is largely reliant on platelet plasma, which is why richer plasma is able to promote hair growth. So long as your treatment is performed by a professional clinical aesthetician, you should see results with PRP hair restoration treatments. The Aesthetic Institute has the finest team of clinical aestheticians you will find anywhere in Los Angeles.

Our clinical aestheticians can provide you with more information on the benefits of PRP hair restoration and platelet rich plasma when you book a consultation with us. All it takes is to contact us today and we can arrange your first session.


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