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Put Your Best Back Forward

Your back is the hardest to reach place on your body, which also makes it the hardest to clean. A loofah or pouf on a long handle might help you scrub and exfoliate back skin, but it may also be leaving behind bacteria and soap. If your back is itchy, dry, and blemished, maybe it’s time for a “back facial!”

At the Aesthetic Institute in Beverly Hills, your skin is a priority and we want it to look the very best.  A back facial will show your hard to reach skin some TLC, and you’ll get a chance to relax, too! We’ll cleanse your shoulders and back with treatments customized for your skin. 

Banish the Bumps

That natural loofah you’re using is great for exfoliation, but it’s a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and yeast that can cause infections and breakouts. Nylon poufs aren’t much better. Our aestheticians can remove blemishes and blackheads caused by bacteria laden loofahs and polluted poufs.

A soothing, therapeutic mask will tighten the pores. Your skin will feel deeply, intensely purified and refreshed. The end of your spa back facial includes a massage to help you relax and release tension, and hydration to keep your skin looking young, firm, and healthy.

An Hour Has Never Been So Relaxing

The best part of the Aesthetic Institute’s back facial is that it only takes about an hour. Maximum impact for the minimum time investment! Schedule your appointment today. Even in the midst of winter, mild as it may be in LA, you will be able to show off your shoulders and back with confidence.

Posted on behalf of Kami Parsa M.D.



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