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Close-up of a beautiful woman. Minimally invasive treatments - tear trough fillers Beverly Hills, CA.

Tear Trough Fillers

When you experience a reduction of soft tissue volume surrounding the lower eyelids and cheeks, it can result in pronounced orbital margins. The orbital margin is the bony structure that is located roughly between your lower eyelids and your cheeks. The condition can upset the balance of your facial features and make you appear older than your actual years.

Eye bags are another consequence of tear troughs. Dark shadows may also form below your eyes, which are known as a tear trough defect. Most people want to avoid surgery if possible. Dermal fillers for tear troughs present a minimally invasive treatment option that can significantly repair damage caused by tear troughs and other natural degradation of the skin and underlying tissues.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Minimally invasive treatments do not necessarily mean that you won’t get the best results. All too often, people are led to believe that surgery is the only option when in reality, a minimally invasive treatment is actually the best choice. A good clinical aesthetician will always have what’s best for the patient in mind when recommending treatments. If, after your consultation, a clinical aesthetician thinks that tear trough fillers will work, you will benefit from a minimally invasive treatment that will cost you less than surgery.

Minimally invasive treatments also mean less downtime in the majority of cases. At the Aesthetic Institute we do not want our patients to take too much time out of their busy lives. If you have any concerns about down time you can discuss them with your clinical aesthetician. You will find that all your questions are met with compassion and understanding.

The only way to find out if tear trough fillers are the best option for rejuvenating your facial features is by arranging a session with a clinical aesthetician. Contact the Aesthetic Institute today to book the first of many sessions with our friendly team.


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